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"George’s fully engaged performance is enthralling, whether merely gesturing out her romance with Cake or dipping a sinful finger inside of Cake’s middle..."


- Audrey Moyce

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"Playing to a deservedly packed house... Caitlin’s writing and performance had some wonderful storytelling."


- David Collins

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 "[George] delivers an engaging performance and ends the show on a high note. Her artistic conviction and ability to pull off a show on such an unusual subject matter is commendable."


- Aridhi Anderson

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" could call it an exploration of the butterfly effect on a schizophrenic scale."


- Audrey Moyce

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"'s a stimulating, subversive production.

[George's] Masha, for example, who famously announces she is wearing black because she is in mourning for her life, fin de siecle nihilism re-emerges as angsty-teen petulance."


- Owen Richardson

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