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C is a woman. X is a man.


We meet these two characters across three different eras: Now, Then, and Before. 


Each era is different, and yet not much has changed. Regardless of time, they end in the same place. X is alone, and C is left with no more cards to play. 

We are sent backwards in time through the eras in search of a better ending.

Throughout history, female characters who have lost their virtue, honour, or social standing have regained their value through sacrificing their own lives. This trope of the fallen woman recurs throughout western canon. We live in a culture built out of these myths, where feminine strength can only be validated through self sacrifice.

Parsley looks at how these inherited narratives dictate our understanding of feminine worth, and shape the way we walk together through the world.

Parsley has been developed with support from Catwalk Art Residency and is being developed by The SuperGeographics. Click their logo for more information. ​

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