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CAKE: a journey of fluid and frosting is about a woman who's in love with a cheesecake and a cheesecake who is probably (basically) in love with her back.


This is the true account of the first and only night they spent with one another. Intimately. Smooshing bits of themselves together. It’s pretending to be comfortable naked, when your sense of self is mostly built through early exposure to semi pornographic naughties rom-coms. 


A modern day fable of love, courage and most importantly soft lighting, follow Bonnie as she journeys through fluid, frosting and the fairytales we grew up on, all from the discomfort of her impeccably clean kitchen.


A one woman (one pastry) show exploring the myths of intimacy, love and romantic relationships. It may be messy. It will be delicious. 

CAKE premiered at Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2018, directed by Elaine Rava, designed by Kevin Stevens, and produced by Shellscrape Theatre Company, NYC.

In 2019 the show premiered in the US at The Chain Theater, NYC. 

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